Home Insurance

Homeowners insurance provides financial protection against disasters. A standard policy insures the home itself and the things you keep in it. Homeowners insurance is a package policy. This means that it covers both damage to your property and your liability or legal responsibility for any injuries and property damage you or members of your family cause to other people. This includes damage caused by household pets.

Flexible Insurance Options


Dwelling - Another term used to describe the part of your home insurance policy that covers physical structures on your property.
Premium - The total price you pay for your policy.
Deductible - This is the initial amount you pay out-of-pocket before your coverage kicks in. In most cases, you'll need to pay your deductible up front, even if the claim wasn't your fault.
Liability Coverage - If someone else is injured or has their belongings damaged on your property, this covers any claims against you, as well as any reasonable and necessary medical expenses

What's Covered:

Liability defense costs
Claims for property damage
Claims for injury to others
Fire and Lightning


Other Insurance Options

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